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  1. Best LGBT Dating Apps for Android and iOS | Digital Trends
  2. Best LGBT dating apps for Android and iOS
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  4. Find love with the best LGBT dating apps for iOS and Android
  5. Our gay dating app - make a difference in your love life

Best LGBT Dating Apps for Android and iOS | Digital Trends

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Best LGBT dating apps for Android and iOS

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Home Theater Hi-res streaming audio service Qobuz arrives in U. What can we conclude from the overwhelming silence? No one gay dates in Vancouver. You can forget eHarmony. They've never had any options for anything other than hetero dating. Lavalife has a sister, sorry, brother site called manline and womanline for women Craigslist is interesting to read but I don't know many people who have success in dating. Hookups yes.

Dating, not so much. Mostly couples and many of the single men are straight. The swinger God I hate that word community is quite straight generally. Never used this but had friends who did.

Find love with the best LGBT dating apps for iOS and Android

Not sure Those are the ones I am familiar with. Sorry I don't know of more that are specifically for gay or queer men. Louise, what do you mean by Swinger? Craigslist in San Francisco area for "dating" is really about hookups. If anyone wants a wall of penis pictures, head down to Craigslist's Male-for-Male section. Penises galore. I'll try OKCupid I'm currently on gaycanadianpersonals. I'm really interested in meeting queer folks who primarily don't make a big deal out of their sexuality as I myself don't and carry on about our lives in other arenas we find interesting Hi Tring.

Swinger is an old term for what people now call "lifestyle". It is people, often couples although singles do participate , who enjoy meeting others for casual and sexual relations. That's not to say that swingers don't establish friendships with other swingers, but the emphasis is on casual, no strings attached play Swingers or lifestyle people are different from poly people in that in the polyamorous world, the emphasis is on developing a relationship.

The next one is this Friday. I've been meaning to check it out. Yes, Rhizome!

Our gay dating app - make a difference in your love life

I was going to mention the monthly Board Games night there. Lisa and Venetta are wonderful people to know.

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They own Rhizome. One of them is from S. Rhizome is very community oriented. Louise, oh. I recently asked on a gay website what is "NSA". Someone had it in their profile. Apparently means "No Strings Attached". I guess that's the new term.

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I should check out Rhizome when I'm back in town!! Sounds like a good place to start meeting people. Me, not a swinger, not into open relationships, not into "poly" either. BTW--was thinking swinger has something to do with swing dancing. I know some swing, but much prefer quickstep. I suck in both. There are so many of those acronymns that someone could almost start a new language with three-letter words I don't know why its so hard to actually type real English.

Others I've seen include: And Louise!!!! Try the iPhone app grindr - might not be suitable for relationships tho. Surely there is a similar app for dating. Some G. Follow his sometimes wildly inappropriate twitter at PhilipMMak. Latest Posts. Join the Conversation Facebook 6K Likes.

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