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We were equally confused. No, it was the Argentine, a decidedly dark horse in this race, despite his cream-colored robes and snow-white hair.

Top hottest Italian men The Local

But soon we saw that he was from the relatively liberal Jesuit order of priests. And that he lived among his impoverished parishioners in central Buenos Aires. And that he had supported gay civil unions in Argentina. Two weeks later, I see two Italian guys making out in plain sight on one of the most highly trafficked streets in the historic center.

One answer came from a visiting friend of a friend who reported that Grindr was of little use in Rome, where every guy for miles and miles around, whether 20 or 45, seemed to live at home with his mother. And, mostly, the city felt as conservative as ever. We spent a lot of our remaining time in Italy at home, talking about the future: Other than this LGBT lag, we loved so much about our life in Rome, we even thought about staying on for longer or coming back more permanently someday. During our time away, our Facebook feeds from the States filled with happy tales of celebrity gaybies like the twins of Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka , or of W editor Stefano Tonchi and gallerist David Maupin , and with image after image of the toothlessly smiling tots of gay and lesbian friends and family in New York, San Francisco, and beyond.

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And the law seems to be on her side: Am I not attractive enough? For weeks, I was convinced that I was the problem.

Until one evening, after finally being asked out on a date by a man, my date stood me up, saying he wasn't able to come. His reason was that he was afraid. When I asked him to honestly tell me why he felt threatened, it all led back to my being black.

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That was my a-ha moment — there was absolutely nothing wrong with me. Does the ignorance of these men make their racial profiling any more permissible or acceptable?

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No, it absolutely does not. We are not your fetishes, we are not your sex toys, we are not your negroes, and if you are turned on by someone only because of the color of their skin, or any racial attributes, but can't see them as your ideal partner in any case, you're probably being racist. Now that you know better, do better. And if you're a minority, know this: Someone who says they are interested in you should be just as comfortable with the idea of joining you for a meal before or after your hookup session. Gary, 35, is a social work manager living in the West Country. He was born with cerebral palsy; a disability that affects mobility and balance.

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